We would like to inform you of recent changes implemented by the Mobile Network Operators, which have led us to ensure compliance with new policies governing business-to-consumer SMS (Short Message Service)/MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messaging, commonly referred to as “text” messaging. These policies are established by the TCR (the Campaign Registry) and directly impact our enterprise phone systems provider. In order to meet these requirements, we have created this page to present you with the necessary information.

To facilitate compliance, we have developed an opt-in form that allows you to provide consent for receiving messages from us. By opting in, you grant us permission to send you messages. It is important to note that, although we currently do not utilize SMS for promotional purposes, we have included promotional language within the opt-in process to ensure compliance. However, please be aware that we reserve the right to send promotional messages in the future.

At present, we only send SMS/MMS messages to customers/clients who have initiated contact with us via text, provided verbal consent during phone conversations (which are recorded for reference), given written consent during field or office visits, or those who have signed agreements or contracts with us. Consent is granted in accordance with the Terms of Service.

To authorize us to send you messages, please send a text to our main number (918.458.0827) with the word “SUBSCRIBE.” Following your subscription, you will receive an automated response asking you to confirm your consent by replying with the word “CONFIRM.” Additionally, we will introduce options that allow you to remain opted in for receiving informational and conversational messages while opting out of promotional messages.

Should you wish to discontinue receiving SMS/MMS communications from us, you can simply reply with “STOP” in the text thread. We will also provide specific “Opt-Out” or management keywords that enable you to manage the types of messages you wish to receive or not receive from us. However, please be aware that opting out of SMS/MMS communications does not revoke our authorization to contact you through other channels, such as social media, email, mail, fax, or phone (voice call).

It is crucial to note that without proper authorization to send you messages, we may be unable to comply with the new policies established by the TCR, and we may not be able to fully assist you with your request for information.

Currently, our messaging primarily involves responding to your inquiries, providing estimates or quotes, and offering relevant project-related information through SMS/MMS. This may include pricing details, specifications, images, links, and other options related to your project. By signing any agreement to purchase our products or services and providing us with an SMS-capable mobile number, you consent to receive SMS/MS messages from us.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these updated messaging policies. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

⚡️Text us to chat! ⚡️text SUBSCRIBE to (918) 458-0827. This will Authorize us to send you Conversational, Informational, or Promotional SMS or MMS Messages. Some Carrier Data Rates May Apply. MSG frequency may vary.
(918) 458-0827