Legacy Barn Company is a Post-Frame Building Construction Company

If you are in the market for a residential garage, horse barn, agricultural building, hay barn, storage building, commercial buildings or a workshop you can customize your building as much as you desire from the size, layout, numerous colors and options. We are located in the heart of the post-frame industry in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

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Monthly Special for November 2019

💥40x60x12 Pole Barn installed for $15,670! Saving you over $1,475!💥

Building includes:
✔️ Pre-Fabricated Engineered Trusses 3/12 pitch with a 115-mph wind load and 20 lb. snow load (5’ O/C)
✔️ 5x5 CCA Treated Posts (10’ O/C)
✔️ Posts are buried 3’ in the ground
✔️ 2x4 #3 SYP Roof Purlins (2’ O/C)
✔️ 2x4 #3 SYP Wall Girts (2’ O/C)
✔️ 2x8 SYP Double Top Plates
✔️ 2x6 CCA Treated Bottom Plate
✔️ 29 gauge painted metal – 18 color options
✔️ Rat guard and fascia trim standard
✔️ One 3’ steel entry door
✔️ One 10’ wide x 10’ tall framed opening
✔️ You can choose your door and opening locations

🔥You can customize your building with as many add on options as you need!
Lean-to•R-10 insulation•Cupola•door openings•entry doors•Windows•Etc. Ask for pricing! 🔥

🔨 DIY kit is available with shipping!

Building does not include:
•Leveled Dirt Pad. This is required before we install the building.
•Shipping not included – Ask for a price!
•Overhead doors not included!
•Concrete slab not included! If needed, you have installed after the building is constructed.
•You must provide us with sacked concrete bags to go in post holes for uplift protection from wind.

💥Sale Ends Friday, November 29, 2019!

Customer must take delivery of materials before December 24th 2019. If delivered after December 24th 2019, price will revert to full (pre sale) price.

☎️ 9️⃣1️⃣8️⃣4️⃣5️⃣8️⃣0️⃣8️⃣2️⃣7️⃣ Call, text or send us a message for more info!

We are located in Tahlequah, OK. Our service area includes selected areas of Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and North Texas.

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November Special EXPIRES in:









•Garage•Workshop•Man Cave•RV Shed•Ag Barn•Hay Storage•Horse Barn•Riding Arena•Boat Storage•

Prices shown to include:

• Labor to Erect where applicable
• Screw attached 29-gauge 40-year warranty painted metal with 18 color choices for additional price
• Rat guard and fascia trim are standard
• One 3’ all steel entry door
• One 10’ wide x max height framed opening

Prices shown do NOT include:
• Shipping of materials – tell us the property address or zip code for a price
• Level dirt pad construction – service not provided
• Concrete slab – Optional, not required for a pole barn. Service not provided.
• Overhead Door – ask about service availability in your area
• 80lb concrete bags for post holes – customer to provide
• Equipment rental when needed – customer to provide

Financing is available!

Other sizes and options available up to 60’ wide and 18′ side wall.

☎️ Call 918.458.0827 today! 👍🏻
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We look forward to hearing from you! God Bless!


20x30x10 (3/12) = $8,055

30x40x10 (3/12) = $10,000

30x50x10 (3/12) = $10,975

30x60x12 (3/12) = $13,240

40x50x10 (3/12) = $14,080

40x60x12 (3/12) = $17,150

40x60x14 (3/12) = $18,150

40x60x16 (3/12) = $21,170 (3 80lb Bags /Post)

40x80x16 (3/12) = $26,530 (3 80lb Bags /Post)

50x80x16 (4/12) = $31,305 (3 80lb Bags /Post)

60x80x16 (3.75/12) = $40,165 (3 80lb Bags /Post)

60x120x16 (3.75/12) = $51,100 (3 80lb Bags /Post)

60x80x18 (3.75/12) = $41,410 (3 80lb Bags /Post)

60x120x18 (3.75/12) = $57,900 (3 80lb Bags /Post)


We are currently serving select areas of Oklahoma,
Kansas, Texas, and Missouri.


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Midwest Barn Living

Families living in barns, barndominiums and post frame homes often say that they have a sense of the simpler times of our ancestors as they labored to get food for their families. Why not have that old fashioned, simple life without the smell of livestock or hay, even if the barn home looks like a horse barn or storage shed on the outside.

Common Types of Barns

Here in Oklahoma, we see various styles of barns, old and new. The reason for this is that our history indicates that many different types of people settled here in the Tahlequah area, from farmers to horse enthusiasts to tradesman and even large families needing extra storage.



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