It may be hard to believe, but having a barn as a home is becoming quite classy in the midwest USA. Some barn interiors are put together by highly trained interior designers, and the exteriors can be carefully customized to resemble any style of traditional home.

Families living in barns, barndominiums and post frame homes often say that they have a sense of the simpler times of our ancestors as they labored to get food for their families. Why not have that old fashioned, simple life without the smell of livestock or hay, even if the barn home looks like a horse barn or storage shed on the outside. You can enjoy all the comforts of a traditional home with all the amenities, high ceilings and open living spaces.


The truth is that barn living is not something new. It has been around since the prehistoric times when people had a barn structure as a stable and house at the same time. Thus, they enjoyed various benefits of living close to animals and crops. Barns have always been very common, practical and sturdy, so it made sense in those days to just occupy a space within the barn.


Barn conversions are quite easy when the barn is sturdy and well-built. It is possible to leave the barn in the right shape while you weatherproof or insulate the exterior and interior walls. In this way, your barn home builder can save on materials and build a fabulous barn that you will love. Even if the barn is old and is falling apart, this does not make your case difficult; you can recycle most materials when building a new structure.

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The main drawback of most barns is that they do not have windows. Thus, when building yours, you will want to place them strategically. Since the structure is merely a large rectangle, you only need to think of a pattern that will look great, allow adequate lighting and also serve as proper ventilation in cooler months.

The Garage

Since you have ample open interior space, you should not forget the garage. Choose one corner to place your garage door or build one onto the original barn. In this way, you will have a rustic looking area for parking your car, boat, truck or RV.

Porches and Awnings

Who doesn’t like sipping a cold lemonade or iced tea in the peaceful setting of the countryside? The covered area of your new living space should be mandatory, although not always necessary. The porch area of the barn should be inviting and aesthetically attractive, allowing a comfortable space for entertaining guests, relaxing and showcasing your favorite plants and landscaping.

For more information about building your next dream barn, please visit out quote page and start designing your very own barn and the costs associated with your project.

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